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SPARK: Self-love, Positivity, Affirmation, Rest, Kindness


SPARK is an empowering event designed for teen girls aged 12 to 18. Our goal is to foster a sense of self-love, positivity, motivation, and self-care among young women. Join us for a day filled with inspiring activities and uplifting experiences.

Event Details

Date: June 29

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Location: Shelby Township

Cost: Free


Our event will include a variety of activities aimed at promoting self-love and positivity:

Join Us

We invite all teen girls to join us for this special event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, learn new skills, and cultivate a positive mindset. Remember, this event is completely free!

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Senior Pictures Made Easy – We're Here for You!

Updated: May 9

Hey soon-to-be grad! We know senior year is a whirlwind of classes, clubs, and college apps. But guess what? Here at Aileen Klebba Photography, we are taking senior session and amazing senior pictures off your to-do list. Sit back – we've got you covered!

Easy-Peasy Photo Sessions in Macomb and Oakland Michigan

Stay Focused on School

Senior year is go time! Hit those books, ace your tests, and chase your college dreams. Sure, the pressure's on, but guess what? Your senior session is already in expert hands. Just keep pushing toward your goals, and we'll capture the photos that'll make your hard work unforgettable.

It's All About You in Your Senior Pictures

You look ahead, we capture now. Our job? To snap photos that show off the real you. We choose great spots, adjust the lights, and all you do is be yourself. Let loose, share a laugh, and we'll grab shots that scream "me!" Your photos will be impressing everyone for years.

Getting to Know You

To make your senior session as personalized as possible, we think it's crucial that we get to know you better. That's why we will provide you with a comprehensive questionnaire to fill out, asking about everything from your taste in music and sweet treats to the things you love about yourself and your future plans.

But that's not all! We think it's equally important to know how your parents see you, so we'll be asking them to fill out a questionnaire about you as well. The more we know about you, the better we can customize your senior session to match your personality and preferences.

Getting Ready Made Simple

We made a PREP GUIDE just for you. It's got all the tips for your look, from what to bring to the color of your nails. It is so easy to forget or overlook the little things, but our guide makes stepping into the spotlight a breeze, crossing one more thing off your list.

Picking Your Look

Choosing your outfit should be a no-brainer. Our STYLE GUIDE is full of what-to-wear advice to have you looking top-notch. Bring a mix of styles for different shots that speak to you. Usually, classic colors and simple patterns are winners. Throw in some cool accessories, and you're set! Trust us—your senior pictures will be as unique as you.

Planning Your Senior Session Together

We're not just going to tell you what to do. We're here to collaborate with you to create the most memorable photoshoot. We'll set up a Zoom meeting with you to discuss outfits and locations in detail and form the complete plan for your senior session. This way, each detail will reflect your unique style and personality.

Once we've met and everything's decided, all that's left to do is for us to capture your vibrant smiles and candid moments during your senior session. We'll ensure your photoshoot is a fun-filled experience, etching these precious moments in your memory forever.

All About Having Fun

Wave goodbye to those awkward, stiff-as-a-board poses! We're here to celebrate you—and that means capturing your spontaneous laughter, your genuine smiles, and all the quirks that make you uniquely awesome. With us, every click of the camera is about creating a relaxed vibe that lets your true spirit shine through. Picture this: you're hanging out, having a blast, and every photo we snap is another "Yup, that's totally me!" to add to your collection.

The Big Reveal of Your Senior Pictures

Brace yourself for the grand unveiling—a slideshow crafted just for you with your top-notch photos springing to life on the screen, all while the soundtrack we've handpicked sets the vibe. And I'll be right there beside you, guiding you through the selection of your favorite snapshots from your monumental senior session. With an array of stunning shots to choose from, my role is to simplify the process, ensuring choosing favorites feels less like a task and more like reliving the highlights.

As we zero in on the images that really speak to you, we'll decide on the perfect display that complements your style—be it a custom album that tells your story, a striking canvas that becomes the centerpiece of any room, or personalized prints that make the ideal gift for beaming grandparents. The final reveal is an epic celebration of your senior year triumphs, shared with cheers and smiles. That is how you keep memories that last a lifetime!

Our Promise to You

Starting with planning your senior session to handing over your photos, at Aileen Klebba Photography, our goal is to make your senior photo experience smooth and unforgettable. Looking back, you should think, "That was incredible." It's not just about amazing senior photos—it's about the fun times and lasting memories.

Let's make your senior session day special!

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