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SPARK: Self-love, Positivity, Affirmation, Rest, Kindness


SPARK is an empowering event designed for teen girls aged 12 to 18. Our goal is to foster a sense of self-love, positivity, motivation, and self-care among young women. Join us for a day filled with inspiring activities and uplifting experiences.

Event Details

Date: June 29

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Location: Shelby Township

Cost: Free


Our event will include a variety of activities aimed at promoting self-love and positivity:

Join Us

We invite all teen girls to join us for this special event. It’s a wonderful opportunity to connect with others, learn new skills, and cultivate a positive mindset. Remember, this event is completely free!

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Senior Session Options

This is the EXCITING part... let's talk more about the session and what you can expect. There are two options, one for everyones need and budget.

There is so much going on before and during your senior year.
Stay up to date with everything there is to know by signing up to my emails.
I promise, I will not spam you, but only share valuable posts.
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The Full Experience Session

This Experience Session Fee includes:
- A Professional Photography Team:
Photographer, Hair and Make-up Artist & Editor 
- Booking Consult
- Styling Consult
- Hair and Make-Up (done at the comfort of your home)
- Design and Order Session
- Professional Retouching

- 2 hour Senior Session
- 3 to 4 Outfit Changes
- 1 to 2 Locations (20 miles from 48094 included)
- 50+ images to choose from

Experience Senior Session Fee: 365

Digitals and Prints are not included in the Session Fee.
Portrait Collections start at: 900



The Simplicity Session

This Simplicity Session Fee includes:
- A Professional Photography Team:
Photographer & Editor 
- Booking Consult
- Private Gallery

- Professional Retouching

- up to 45min Senior Session
- 2 Outfit Changes
- 1 Location (chosen by photographer)
- 20+ images to choose from

Simplicity Senior Session Fee: 175

Digitals and Prints are not included in the Session Fee.
Portrait Collections start at:


senior portrait model

Your Investment

Here at Aileen Klebba Photography, we make it our mission to not only celebrate your seniors hard work and special time of their life, but also make it as enjoyable as possible for you as the parent and take the guess work out of everything.
From the first consult to the final ordering session, we work hard to make your experience unique to you and your needs. Clients typically invest in a wide variety of wall portraits for their home, gift prints for family and friends, and fine art keepsakes like albums and images boxes after their senior session.
Our clients favorite products are Custom Albums, Acrylics Blocks, Image Boxes with Digital Files on USB, as well as Canvas Wall Art.

Due to high demand and our time commitment to each client, there is a minimum portrait investment with each senior session, starting at $450 for Simplicity Sessions and $900 for The Senior Experience. This is not a set portrait package but rather a minimum order required based on the time invested in your senior session.

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