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Family Style Guide: Do's and Don't for your Family Outfits

Picking your photographer was the easy part (hopefully it’s me.. :) ). Picking out the outfits for the whole family can be daunting. So, what should you wear? These are my recommendations for summer photo shoots with me. The tips below will help compliment my photography style, and make your photos picture perfect!

  • Let's talk about colors! Wear light colors. Pastels work well with my photography style. Stay away from bold, bright, as well as dark colors and patterns.

  • Dress up! Wear nicer clothes then you would go shopping in, or run everyday errands. I am not saying to wear a suit or a cocktail dress though. Wear something in the middle. Maybe choose a long flowy dress for mom and a polo or button-up shirt for dad. No jeans or tennis shoes!

  • Mix and match! Find one piece of clothing that you really like (it may already be in your closet!), then build around that one outfit. An example would be that if you pick a floral dress, use the colors of the flowers for everyone else's outfits.

  • Accessorize! Use more accessories than you would wear to run errands in. Pick a statement piece or costume jewelry. Wear earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets. Wear makeup (it is a great excuse to treat yourself to a makeup artist, and/or a hairstylist). If you have a little girl, use hair clips or bows, and consider earrings. Let your children get used to the accessories that they may be wearing. Keep it simple, but look nice!

  • Prepare your children! Let your children get used to new shoes by wearing them in the house to play for a few days.

  • Choose clothes that you and your family will feel 100% comfortable in. Keep in mind; it is only natural to look for flaws within yourself. But if your outfits are comfortable, and you are comfortable in them, it will show in the pictures that I take off you.

  • What NOT to do! Don't match your outfits completely. Use similar colors or colors out of a pattern (as touched on above). You don't want your pictures to look like one of those awkward family photos from the 80's, do you?

  • Get your children excited! If your children are old enough, let them help pick out their outfits. Your kids will be so much more excited to wear their outfits if they have a say, and it will definitely show in their smiles! Need more help? Please reach out. I am here for you!!

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