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Aileen senior photographer

1. I am a hotdog-eating vegetarian..yes, I's meat, but do we really know what is inside???

2. I was born and raised in Germany. No, I do not own a Dirndl or Lederhosen and do not eat Schnitzel (hence above) or like beer... they actually kicked me out of Germany for being too un-german.. JK.

3. The first German word I taught my husband was "Lustig" (it means "funny"). Once we got married, we got our first dog who we named..."Lustig"... luckily we got our dog before we had children.

4. My two adorable, crazy, wild, energetic, crazy boys help me be a better human being and to judge less and be more open minded... did I mention they are crazy? Thankfully their little sister is keeping me sane. :)

5. Pre-MOM time, I spent a lot of time volunteering for a local dog rescue group... it was such a rewarding, saddening, eyeopening, emotionally draining and heart filling time...once the boys are a bit older, I hope to get back to it!

6. Everyone has their addiction to something... some people need coffee or pop, some smoke or drink alcohol... I need chocolate. If I have any in the house, I will actually hide it from the kids or my husband so they will not touch it. I love it so much that I do not care about my skin breaking out and looking like a 13 year old with 30 year old wrinkles...

7. I quit my full time Art Director job in 2017 to slow down our family life. Even though I miss that job and the people I worked with dearly, it has been one of the best decisions for our family yet.

8. Yes, I still have an accent despite having been here.... ehh, who is counting...

9. The biggest compliment for me is not only when my clients tell me how much they enjoy the pictures, but also how much they enjoyed the session with me and how much they love that I was able to tell THEIR story. That is my biggest goal.. these pictures are not just pictures, these are pictures about showing the relationships and dynamics within your family... it is about taking YOUR pictures and capturing YOUR FAMILY in the season you are in!!! Every session is unique and I love the relationships I get to form with all of my families on a personal level. This is sooooo rewarding... I am so happy to be a Family & Senior Photographer 

10. Just lost my kids... gotta go...message me!! :)

10 Random Facts to Get to Know Me....
                                                      or Run Away.. :)

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